Executive Members

Jonathan Borwein
The University of Newcastle

Jonathan Borwein is Laureate Professor at the University of Newcastle (NSW) with adjunct appointments at Dalhousie and Simon Fraser Universities in Canada. He directs the Newcastle Priority Research Centre in Computer Assisted Research Mathematics and its Applications (CARMA). Dr. Borwein was Shrum Professor of Science (1993-2003) and a Canada Research Chair in Information Technology (2001-04) at Simon Fraser University. From 2004-09 he was a Canada Research Chair in Distributed and Collaborative Research in Computer Science at Dalhousie.

His interests span pure (analysis), applied (optimization), computational (numerical and computational analysis) mathematics, and high performance computing. He has authored 300 research articles and over a dozen books---most recently several on Experimental Mathematics, Springer monographs on Convex Analysis and Nonsmooth Optimization and Techniques of Variational Analysis, and a forthcoming CUP Encyclopedia volume on Convex Functions and their applications. His current optimization research focuses on signal reconstruction.

Regina Burachik
University of South Australia

Regina Burachik is an Associate Professor at University of South Australia, and publishes extensively in topics such as nonsmooth/convex/nonconvex optimization, variational inequalities, and multivalued analysis. Recently she published the research-level book: "Set-Valued Analysis and Monotone Mappings".

Her interest is in both theoretical and practical aspects of optimization. She worked on solution methods for variational inequalities, which include pioneer advancements on the theory of maximal monotone operators, such as the introduction of the notion of an "enlargement of a maximal monotone operator". Her work on convex analysis includes the introduction of a new constraint qualification, called "closed epigraph condition". These concepts had a strong impact, both in theory and applications.

Andrew Eberhard
RMIT University

Andrew Eberhard is a Professor of Mathematics at RMIT University in Melbourne (Victoria). He is the head of the university research grouping "System Modelling and Optimization". He has been leader of the "Optimization and Control Scholarship Group" within the school of Mathematical and Geospatial Sciences for several years.

He has worked and published extensively in many area of variational analysis and his interests include the theory of variational limits, nonsmooth optimization, in particular optimality conditions and second order theory, the theory of viscosity solution of Hessian and curvature equations, robust control and systems theory. More recently he has work on utility function approximation and the theory of revealed preferences in relation to generalised equilibrium models in economic theory and has a growing interest in integer programming and algorithms.